Opihr Global Cocktail Competition 2016

On September 15th-18th the finals of the Opihr Adventure Cocktail Competition were held in Marrakech, home to one of the botanicals that create Opihr – and what an adventure it was! After holding regional heats around various countries searching for top mixologists, we found the best talent and took them to Marrakesh for the ultimate challenge. Contestants from the UK, Ireland, Belgium & Netherlands fought it out to win the chance to produce a limited edition Opihr liquid with Master Distiller Joanne Moore. This unique Opihr creation will be sold in exclusively within finalists bars later on in the year – keep an eye out!

The mixologists experienced a cooking masterclass on Moroccan cuisine as well as cocktail pairing, visits to the mesmerizing souks and absorbed the high energy that Marrakesh has to offer. The final competition showed the expertise, craft, ingenuity, passion and love of all mixologists involved.

The Winner, of this year’s competition is Joe Macbeth from the Rub & smoke House, Nottingham. His cocktail, Fragrant Harbour, was exquisitely presented, perfectly balanced and his story showed true understanding of the Opihr brand.

On the trip we also had a special guest joining us – Jamie Sparks who is a Guinness world record holder, Ocean rower, and a true explorer and advocate of Opihr.

Congratulations to our winner and we look forward to sharing news soon of the 2017 competition!

More exciting video footage to follow!



The winning cocktail, 'Fragrant Harbour'


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